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In this book, I have shared some strategies for enrolling and thriving in a PhD journey mostly based on my experience reading for a PhD in Engineering Science at the University of Oxford. 

I also interviewed 15 friends who generously shared what they wish they had been told before they embarked on their PhD journeys, they also share how they settled on their PhD research topics, how they sourced for funding etc. I hope you will find our experiences invaluable, and you won’t have to reinvent the wheel and can, hopefully, channel your energies and valuable time into your research.

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I highly recommend The PhD Journey to anyone who is in a PhD program or considering entering one. It would also be a wonderful resource for PhD students’ spouses and family members to read so they can understand their loved one’s journey and how best to support them. I applaud Dr. Ngetich for sharing her experiences and wisdom so the road can be a little smoother for those who follow her.


Tyler R. Tichelaar, PhD and award-winning author of The Gothic Wanderer

What readers are saying...

This book is an excellent resource for anyone contemplating or committed to a PhD. It offers practical insights into the dos and don’ts based on the experience of an academic and scholar who can speak with authority and certainty on the subject. Dr Ngetich’s utilises her story of perseverance, endurance, and overcoming the odds to produce a tool that will enrich others. I highly recommend The PhD Journey to PhD scholars and PhD advisors.

Ndjodi Ndeunyema, PhD

I have had the pleasure of watching Dr. Ngetich thrive through her PhD journey. This book is more than a testimony of that success; it's the kind of guide I wish I'd had as I began my own PhD journey. This book will provide you with the confidence you need to enter and make it through a PhD, or even decide to find an alternative path. I highly recommend this book to anyone considering a PhD.

Miriam Jerotich Kilimo, PhD

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