Aug 25, 2021

Dr Ngetich is a Rhodes Scholar and a Schmidt Science Fellow, currently working as a Postdoctoral Fellow at Space Enabled Research Group at MIT. Her postdoctoral research focuses on wax-based propellants for launch and in-space propulsion for small-satellite missions. Read more...

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March 8, 2021

Dr Gladys Ngetich’s interest in aerospace engineering was sparked while pursuing a BSc in Mechanical Engineering at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, JKUAT in her homeland, Kenya. Read more...


Oct 6, 2020

This Black History Month, the University is highlighting the power of excellence and academic achievement, past and present, and how the contributions of Black people have contributed to the calibre of the University’s reputation. Read more...


August 22, 2020

Today’s #ScienceIsLife takes us to the sun and the moon… Aerospace Engineer Dr. Gladys Chepkirui Ngetich share her journey from a village in Olenguruone, Nakuru County, to become Kenya’s top aerospace expert...Read more

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August 3, 2020

When Gladys Chepkirui Ngetich boarded a plane on September 28 2015 to the United Kingdom, it was her second flight outside of Kenya. Her first ever flight was two years earlier when she travelled to Norway to attend the International Student Festival in Trondheim.

There is nothing special about flying but that flight acquires significance when Chepkirui’s achievements in the four years she spent in the UK are put into perspective. Read more...

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October 21, 2019

I spend a lot of time with jet engines as part of my PhD, trying to improve them. This one is a Concorde engine — it’s a demonstration model that’s used to show where the various components of the engine are located, and it sits on the ground floor of the institute where I work. Read more...


July 21, 2019

Things have changed a lot in 50 years, but not as fast as some had hoped. BBC News spoke to five scientists from different generations who are breaking barriers in their field. Read more...


April 8, 2019

Gladys is an aerospace engineer working on new technology to improve cooling in jet engines. Her work could help develop more efficient and less environmentally damaging aircraft engines. As a Schmidt Science Fellow, Gladys will move into the application of space science technologies, such as satellite imaging and sensing, to support sustainable development goals. Read more...

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February 2, 2019

Years ago, Gladys Chepkirui Ngetich was pursuing her early education in Olenguruone with very little resources. She attended school without shoes and the only language she spoke fluently till she joined form one, was her mother tongue. Today, she is a Rhodes Scholar and an aerospace engineering PhD student, at the University of Oxford. Gladys Gachanja caught up with her at her home, for this week's women and power. Watch video here


November 16, 2018

How can we manufacture a more energy efficient turbine blade? Gladys Ngetich (DPhil Engineering Science) describes her research into advanced cooling technologies for jet engines, with the aim of lessening the environmental impact of aviation on climate change. Watch her video here.

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November 7, 2018

Supported and sponsored by EY and The Tab. The Nova Prize is a set of six annual awards, bestowed across several categories in recognition of female students who have made outstanding early contributions to STEM. From hundreds of entries, we selected 5 exceptional women from each category, who we put in front of a panel of expert academics to choose the winners. Read more...

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September 22, 2018

"The Top 40 Under 40 list has also awarded high marks to women who have excelled in professions that have been and remain male dominated such as software engineering, actuarial science, aviation and engineering. This is because we believe there should be no gender-based glass ceiling on any dreams." Business Daily Africa. Read more...


July 25,2018

Lelaibei Primary School in Olenguruone is your ordinary rural institution with no servicing tarmac road, no piped water, no electricity and no computers. Out of this school located at the heart of the Mau though, and armed with only 298 KCPE exam marks came this year’s Oxford University’s Oxford University Rare Rising Star. Read more...


April, 2018

The Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship seeks to accelerate entrepreneurial approaches and solutions to the world’s most pressing problems by uniting social entrepreneurs with essential partners in a collaborative pursuit of learning, leverage, and large-scale social change. Forum delegates represent nearly 65 countries and participate in a range of interactive events in which delegates can openly share, collaborate, innovate, and, ultimately, advance social entrepreneurship. Read more...


January 18, 2018

Fewer than one in 10 engineers in the UK is female - the lowest percentage in Europe, according to the Women's Engineering Society. Latvia, Bulgaria and Cyprus lead with nearly 30%. Here, two pioneering female engineers at Oxford University explain what drives them. Read more...


August 1, 2018

I was born and raised in a family of nine in a tiny village of Amalo in Rift Valley Kenya. I studied in a local primary school called Lelaibei Primary, which had very limited resources (many teachers couldn’t converse in English even though we were supposed to be taught in English, and our national exams were in English). As a result, I graduated with paltry marks, which made getting admitted to a good secondary school almost impossible. Read more...

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August 3, 2018

An Oxford University graduate named as one of the UK’s top black students has news for those that believe people are born smart. Revealing that you don’t necessarily have to be gifted to succeed in life, and with hard work and determination there is hope for us all – even underachievers. Read more...


July 27, 2018

A talented engineering student from the University of Oxford’s Department of Engineering Science has been selected for the Rare Rising Stars Awards 2018, which showcases the achievements of the ‘top 10’ black students in the country. Read more...


September 15, 2018

Gladys Ng’etich is a mechanical engineer and an athlete. None of these came easy! She stubbornly stayed focused on her goal, her dream to become an engineer. She is currently studying her doctorate in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Oxford. Here is her story. Read more...

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July 24, 2018

The Rare Rising Stars programme is designed to recognise and celebrate the achievements of the best black students in the UK, and to share their stories. Judges on the panel include: Sophie Chandauka, Trevor Phillips OBE and Jean Tomlin OBE. Of her award, Gladys says: "The award ceremony was on 12th July; it has been more than 10 days and I must confess that I have not recovered from mixed feelings of excitement and disbelief. Read more...


July 12, 2018

Gladys’ journey from Kenya to the UK is an extremely powerful, emotional and inspiring tale to be told. She has overcome the toughest obstacles to become the sensational individual that she is today. Gladys’ story is a reflection of more than just an incredible work ethic. She dreamt of big things, things which might have seemed impossible right from the very beginning. Read more...


March 12, 2018

The ASME IGTI Young Engineer Turbo Expo Participation Award (YETEP) is intended for young engineers at companies, in government service, or engineering undergraduate or graduate students in the gas turbine or related fields to obtain travel funding to attend ASME Turbo Expo to present a paper which they have authored or co-authored. The purpose is to provide a way for more to participate in the annual Turbo Expo. Gladys was among the only 23 students worldwide to be awarded this award this year. Read more...


June 23, 2017

Every year on June 23 International Women in Engineering Day is celebrated around the world. The day celebrates the careers, accomplishments and contributions of all women and girls involved in the field. Read more...